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0 Comments July 28, 2014 admin

Comic Con 2014

This weekend Hidden Beach spent its third year at Comic Con and once again it did not disappoint. We saw some old friends, made new friends and were inspired...

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Jul28 0 Comments Comic Con 2014

The Pier Report

Jul25 0 Comments Friday Faves: Wedding Destinations
0 Comments July 25, 2014 Melissa K

Friday Faves: Wedding Destinations

Finding a picturesque location is one of the most important aspects of planning your dream wedding.  Whether it is on a beautiful beach or at a romantic vineyard, your...

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Jul24 0 Comments Old School/New School: Blue-Eyed Soul
0 Comments July 24, 2014 Brian S

Old School/New School: Blue-Eyed Soul

From “What You Won’t Do For Love” to “Stay With Me”, ever say to yourself, “That voice is so soulful! Who’s that brother?” Followed by the jaw dropping discovery...

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Jul23 0 Comments Summer BBQ Party Eats
0 Comments July 23, 2014 Joshua T

Summer BBQ Party Eats

This hot July weekend is sure to bring a great deal of fun in the sun, family time, and of course parties. So this weekend embrace your ideal summer...

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