Angie Fisher Performs "I.R.S." Live on KTLA 5

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0 Comments August 19, 2014 Melissa K

ThisisRnB: Must Listen! Angie Fisher – I.R.S

  Holy shiiit, what a voice!! Yep, we had to curse there. It’s very rare that we get totally blown away by a vocal these days, but then this...

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Aug19 0 Comments ThisisRnB: Must Listen! Angie Fisher – I.R.S

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Aug12 0 Comments National Vinyl Record Day
0 Comments August 12, 2014 Joshua T

National Vinyl Record Day

Credit: National Vinyl Record Day Vinyl Record Day was established August 12, 2002 in recognition of the day Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. It also supports the preservation of...

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