Angie Fisher Performs "I.R.S." Live on KTLA 5

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0 Comments August 10, 2014 admin

Naturally 7 Speaks With Half Full Magazine

EXCLUSIVE: NATURALLY 7 TALK NEW ALBUM, MICHAEL BUBLÉ, AND THEIR SINGLE “FIX YOU” August 8, 2014  Article by, Sandy Lo (Half Full Magazine) A cappella sensation, Naturally 7 have...

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Aug10 0 Comments Naturally 7 Speaks With Half Full Magazine
0 Comments July 28, 2014 admin

Comic Con 2014

This weekend Hidden Beach spent its third year at Comic Con and once again it did not disappoint. We saw some old friends, made new friends and were inspired...

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Jul28 0 Comments Comic Con 2014

The Pier Report

Aug12 0 Comments National Vinyl Record Day
0 Comments August 12, 2014 Joshua T

National Vinyl Record Day

Credit: National Vinyl Record Day Vinyl Record Day was established August 12, 2002 in recognition of the day Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. It also supports the preservation of...

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